Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Buzz Marketing Explained

Put the Buzz in Viral Marketing

Buzz marketing is just a twenty first century spin on the family or friend endorsement of a product. The good old "tell two friends, who tell two friends and so on” is now the buzz marketing campaign that can reach millions at the click of a mouse button.

The buzz technique is not new, it just is magnified and sped up with the intervention of the internet. Social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter, MySpace, have changed the pace of the buzz marketing.

Web blogs originally were a place to up date current events with family and friends. Now marketing campaigns are steadfastly ingrained in blogs and twitter feeds are used to drive traffic to the blog so that product can be sold.

Previously, endorsement of items was done for products that people liked. Now people get paid to endorse products and have them mentioned in twitter feeds and Facebook.

Keep the Mentions Buzzing

Developing and maintaining a marketing campaign is big business. It is important to have an advertising campaign that brings attention to the product and doesn’t get hidden in the myriad of other competitors. Buzz marketing brings awareness in an off hand and friendly way.

What is thought of as a friendly impromptu endorsement may be well rehearsed sales pitch by a trained customer service representative. These people study and follow a specific personal profile that will like the product. By selecting the correct people the blanket of buzz will continue to influence others.

A sample of this is how an unknown brand could rise to become a trend setter when paid agents would frequent trendy fashionable bars and order an unfamiliar brand all the while soothingly up-selling the brand to the barkeeper and other groovy locals. As a result, and the desire to be the trend setter, the unknown brands would grow into the mainstream.

How to Find the Buzzers

A correct stable of buzzers to draw from is the foundation of a successful buzz campaign. These people have skills to lead and influence others without them ever really knowing. They are trendy, hip and are one step ahead of their peers.

Each exchange is hoped to bring a new spin, a new user and more buzz to the product. From the outside it appears to be a serendipitous exchange of two people interested in the same things but the buzzers are really the purveyors of a well designed marketing campaign aimed for purpose of selling more products.


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